Saturday, July 4, 2009

Newsweek's Top 100 Books of All Time

You can really get in trouble by trying to make a top 100 Books list. I mean, it's purely subjective isn't it, and who's to say that their list is the absolute gospel? What Newsweek did was crunch the numbers from ten top books lists (Modern Library, the New York Public Library, St. John's College reading list, Oprah's, and more) to come up with The Top 100 Books of All Time. I think I would agree with a large number of the books on their list, though I might argue ranking, and I might argue for some notable omissions. See what you think. And as Newsweek says--let the debate begin.


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Pen N. Hand said...

I've read all but 17. No, I don't think many of them are the best books ever written. No wonder our country is in the economic mess that it is in today, a better book to read is Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, which was published the same day as the Declaration of Independence. I was surprised at how many I still own, even after cleaning house.
Jefferson & Smith never met, yet they used some of the same phrases. Stranger than fiction.
Nowhere is Thomas Paine's Common Sense mentioned.

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