Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bluegrass Conspiracy by Sally Denton

Sally Denton used to be an investigator for Jack Anderson, so with that sort of background you would expect her to be able to unravel the complicated scenario that this tale of corruption in Lexington provides. And she does not disappoint. What starts out as a simple tale of rogue Lexington cops turns into a story of international corruption with a list of Kentucky bluebloods at its center.

When Lexington native Drew Thornton parachutes to his death in September of 1985, carrying thousands in cash and 150 pounds of cocaine--it is the start of a scandal that reaches into the top secret levels of the U.S. government. Thornton worked for "The Company", a crime ring composed of Lexington socialites that was involved in gun running and drug smuggling and seemed to have major connections to South America and various drug cartels. Ralph Ross, a tenacious Kentucky State Police officer, leads a heroic fight against this web of corruption and is almost destroyed in the process.

This book is probably a must read for native Kentuckians and is a fascinating and compelling read for anyone who is interested in true crime/organized crime. It is an inside story of power, greed, drugs, and murder. The book was so controversial upon its initial publication in 1990 that it was pulled from publication and only recently been given a new printing. Sally Denton has written a fascinating book about cops, drugs, politics, and violence that will keep you engrossed to the last page.

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