Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Young Adult Book Lover Site

There is a new online reading community for teens called Teen Fire. This fledgling social network just launched with the intention of creating a space where teens can log on and interact with each other and also be exposed to published authors and Young Adult editors. Yes, technology and books can coexist and work together to reach and inspire young adults. This community seems to be growing every day. You can create your own page and customize it with photos, text, videos and apps, and stay connected with the latest news in YA literature. There is a Writers Forum, encouraging aspiring authors to express themselves, where you can post original works of fiction to be read and commented on by peers. There is a YA Book Group spot where you can become a teen reviewer and share your opinion. This site is dedicated to Young Adults who share a common passion: reading. You will have an active say in things you will be seeing on the bookshelves. Be sure to sign up, and ask your friends to do so too.

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