Friday, April 6, 2012

Print's not dead, It's Getting High in the Sky (via

Even though this was made for Ink Global, a firm that produces printed in-flight magazines for airlines (the clouds being one of the few places where connected tablets don't always function), I love this lyrical manifesto that riffs for the salvation of an entire medium.  My favorite quotes..."illuminates without batteries," and "ink is not sinking."  There are many times I've wished I could do what the flight attendant does and silence that technology whenever it is used in inappropriate places (from the workplace, to the intrusive bombardment of our personal space by others who clearly believe that whatever they are doing takes precedent and trumps everything else--your schedule, your peace and quiet, your right to remain undisturbed are not a priority with them).  It is scary that some people are incapable of laying those things down, turning them off, or detaching that electronic device from their hand or ear.  Just another reason I like the whisper of words on a printed page.

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