Friday, March 20, 2009

Fool by Christopher Moore

"Hilariously raunchy and politically incorrect."
"Chris Moore is no fool."
"Great fun, don't have to know Shakespeare. "
" If only Shakespeare were this entertaining."
" Hilariously, insanely nuts. "
"A bawdy romp where the "fool" uses his brains to get what he lusts for."
"Astoundingly hilarious."
"You'd be a fool not to read it."

These are all titles of customer reviews taken from Amazon. To be honest, these were all written by die-hard Christopher Moore fans, so I guess you should expect all the accolades. I too am a big Christopher Moore fan. I love the quirky humor in his books. But I hasten to add he's probably not everybody's cup of tea. I do remember an older patron coming into the library and pointing out one of his books on the shelf and saying "this guy is one sick little puppy". But if you like caustic, wry, sarcastic humor, you will probably like Moore's books.

I liked this one overall, and thought the footnotes were some of the most hilarious parts. It was a little bawdy for my tastes, but then Moore doesn't do anything half way, so over the top on this aspect is probably what he was striving for.

It's 1288, and the king's fool, Pocket, and his dimwit apprentice, Drool, set out to clean up the mess Lear has made of his kingdom, his family and his fortune—only to discover the truth about their own heritage. This is Moore's retelling of Shakespeare's King Lear. It's profane, vulgar and crude, with a Monty Python twist. But it is indeed laugh out loud funny.

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