Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life by Tim Haines and Paul Chambers

We just received a copy of this book that I catalogued for the Branch, and I have to say it has in it some of the most spectacular pictures of dinosaurs I've ever seen. It's like stepping back in time and having them appear right in front of you, so life-like that you feel the breath from a roar or the water droplets shaken from an aquatic beast.

This visual encyclopedia of prehistoric animals would appeal to anyone who has a fascination with the prehistoric world and the dinosaurs who ruled it. It features over 100 of the largest, weirdest and scariest animals that ever existed. Many of these creatures have never been illustrated before. This book is packed with information on the biology, lifestyle and behavior of these creatures, as well as what they ate, how they raised their young, how they survived, and the landscapes in which they lived.

This book is a visual feast from the creators of the highly acclaimed "Walking with Dinosaurs" series.

The book is divided into three parts: Part One, The Rise of Life; Part Two, The Age of Reptiles, and Part Three, The Age of Beasts. Using the latest digital techniques they have been able to range across time and bring back to life the weirdest collection of creatures you could ever imagine. What a treat this book is.


Marie said...

wow! those pictures are incredible!

KY Warrior Librarian said...

Yes, this book is a visual feast for all dinosaur lovers...and doesn't that include just about everybody?

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