Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Book is Overdue by Marilyn Johnson

I love being a librarian. It's just the nature of my groove. Here's a book that tells you what it's like being a librarian in the age of too much information. Marilyn Johnson says she wrote this book after chasing dozens of tech-savy librarians who were wrestling the accumulated culture and history of the world in a variety of mutating formats while serving needy techno-stressed patrons. Librarians who were marching boldly into the digital age all the while holding onto values like privacy, accuracy, open access, and free speech. She thinks we've never needed them more, and I guess I would have to agree.

I think I like O Magazine's review of the book the best. They said simply "This is a book for readers who know that words can be wild and dangerous, that uncensored access to information is a right and a privilege, and that the attempt to 'catalog the world in all its complexity' is heroic beyond compare."

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