Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

I like Nicholas Sparks.  And I like his writing.  I know some people consider him a bit treacly, but I have read most of his books and enjoyed them.  He has a very big following in our library and a huge fan base.  This book is one of my favorites of his.

Seventeen year old Ronnie Miller's life is in turmoil after her parents divorce.  She and her brother Jonah are spending the summer with their father in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina where he moved from New York after the divorce.  Ronnie is resentful and hateful towards her father, whom she blames for leaving them.  Ronnie is scornful of all her father's attempts to reach out to her, but she does meet and fall in love with Will, a local boy who on the surface seemed not her type at all. 

Her father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living quietly and working on a stained glass window for a local church.  Over the course of the summer, their relationships will change and their lives will change dramatically.  The feature film that was made starring Miley Cyrus as Ronnie and Greg Kinnear as her father has of course brought people to the library to check out the book.

This is a book all about love.  It simply resonates on every page.  Love can break our hearts and yet heal us at the same time.  This book definitely drives that lesson home.  It is an emotional book that will appeal to teens as well as other age groups.  I suggest you keep a box of kleenex handy.  You will need it for the last part of the book.

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