Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicago's Best Used Book Stores

After spending years in the Chicago area, I couldn't help but pay attention to The Huffington Post's recent listing of "Chicago's Best Used Book Stores".  I worked at the University of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood, and one of my favorite lunch time activities was to peruse the Used Book Stores, which seemed to be on every other corner.  It was one of the things I really missed when I moved here to Kentucky and found the town I lived in did not have one bookstore, much less a used one.

One of my favorites from the University/Hyde Park community was the Seminary Co-Op.  The lovely thing about this place was its quirky layout and its emphasis on the Books.  You really felt like you were Alice going down the rabbit hole.  It was a total experience.  I understand they are moving now, to a place bigger, and only a block away from the original store, but I do hope they manage to hang on to the unique character that the old place provided. 

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