Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My pictures, My Words by Mac Kenney

This wonderful little picture book arrived recently for me to review and I must say I found it delightful.  Mac Kenney is a nature photographer and poet, but this is his first effort to combine those two interests.  He was born and raised in Colorado, so was able to experience the four seasons as only the Rocky Mountains and the wide-open plains can display them.

This slim volume contains 20 color photographs that run the gamut of human emotion and powerfully illustrate the beauty of the natural world.  The photos are suitable for framing or for giving as gifts.  The poetry reminds us of how brief and precious life is and how we need to take advantage of our brief time here and accept the love that's out there waiting for us if we would only open our hearts.

The contents of this book are indeed, as the back cover says, food for the soul.  So pick up a copy, and bon appetit.

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