Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson

Rose Grandee is a texas housewife.  She has a mother who departed her life early on leaving her with a pile of books and at the mercy of her Daddy's abusive fists.  Rose Grandee endures the physical abuse of her husband.  After all, it is pretty much all she has known over the course of her life.

But, underneath the surface of Rose Grandee, lies Rose Mae Lolly, a teen age hellion and heartbreaker from Alabama who is a crack shot with a pistol.  When the tarot cards of a gypsy fortune teller predict that Rose's husband is going to kill her unless she kills him first, Rose Mae Lolly rares her head.

After trying to kill her husband (before he kills her), and botching it, she and her dog fat Gretel, leave on a journey where she uncovers long buried truths about her family.  That journey results in a harrowing depiction of how far a mother will go to right a wrong and how far a daughter will run to escape forgiveness. 

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