Saturday, February 4, 2012

Say Her Name by Francisco Goldman

This is a novel that chronicles the relationship of Francisco Goldman and his wife Aura Estrada, who died a month before their second anniversary.  Goldman explores the relationship, and tries to capture her essence--and in the process work out his grief and loss.  Goldman was more than 27 years her senior, so he is also mourning who she might have become and the family they might have created.  The book is at times tender, angry, remorseful, and passionate.  Because it is set in a fictional framework, Goldman can fictionalize some details and more freely explore the least, that's the author's rationale for presenting it this way.  Though at times I found the book a bit self-serving, there is a raw truth embedded here and if you have ever loved somebody wholeheartedly and then had to lose them in a tragic way I'm sure you can relate to some of the feelings Goldman articulates.  I had a problem (as a woman) in relating to some of the paths Goldman took in exorcising his grief...but you read it and see what you think. 

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