Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jerry Lee Lewis: Hiw Own Story by Rick Bragg


Rick Bragg has been called the greatest southern storyteller of our time.  What better author could they have gotten to write the biography of a southerner some call the greatest rock and roller of all time.  This book is the Killer's life the way he lived it, framed by Bragg's wonderfully descriptive and richly atmospheric turn of phrase.  Bragg spent hours interviewing Jerry Lee in his bedroom, where he lay on his bed with "a loaded, long-barreled pistol behind a pillow, a small arsenal in a dresser drawer, and a compact black automatic on a bedside table." 

"He remembered it as it pleased him," Bragg writes at the start of the book.  "That doesn't mean he always remembered it the same way twice."  Music gave Jerry Lee a purpose, and at 79 Bragg's portrait of him will be the way he's remembered when he's gone.


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