Sunday, September 11, 2016

The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood


This was a very sweet read--a book with a lot of soul.  Beautifully written with warmth and humor, it is a celebration of friendship that spans generations and the healing power of music as well as ultimately, love. 

It is the luminous story of a 104 year old woman, Ona Vitkus, and the sweet, strange young boy scout assigned to help her around the house as part of earning a merit badge.  As their friendship develops, it touches each member of the boy's disintegrating family.  The boy's father is a musician, who has been on the road chasing his dream, gig after gig.  He has been a largely absent father, twice married to the boy's mother, Belle.  Their son happens to be obsessed with Guinness World Records, and believes that Ona Vitkus has a good chance of appearing in the record book for oldest person, as well as possibly oldest licensed driver. 

And this is really all I want to give away of the story.   The joy is in the reading, as the narrative gradually unfolds and secrets are revealed.  It is a story about hearts broken seemingly beyond repair, and yet still capable of being touched by stunning acts of human devotion. 

I loved this book.    

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