Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lady of Letters

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jillian Foster Knight at the Glasgow Highland Games last year. Her website is Lady of Letters

She writes poetry, taught herself bookbinding skills, and with mythology as her inspiration creates singular works of art. The pages of her books are ragged and the books have stitched bindings and canvas bound covers. She spends up to eight hours per volume producing them with an industrial sewing machine, clamps, gluepots, and other primitive methods.

I bought her volume "ReWritten: tales of celtic mythology." She wrote all the poetry and took all the photographs. Here's a sample:

For the Love of a Swan

I called to you from a dream.
I called to you as you slept.
There my true face and form first met you.
While slumbering,
you fell in love with that girl.
But in my other form,
you must find me.

She travels the country and makes her living selling these books. If you get the chance to see her at one of her upcoming events, she's delightful to talk to, and you will enjoy looking at her books and other goods. At the very least, check out her website.

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