Monday, September 6, 2010

Body Parts: A Collection of Poems About Aging

Janet Cameron Hoult is a Professor Emerita at California State University, Los Angeles.  Now in her 70s, she lives with her husband in Southern California.  This collection of poems about aging takes a humorous look at the whole degenerative process involved in aging (something we will all face if we are lucky enough to live very long on this earth).  She has written these poems from experience, but I think all of us can relate.  If you can manage to laugh about your aging body parts, then I'm sure all the other little problems that life throws your way will be a breeze by comparison.  Her writing is simple and direct, as well as sincere and funny and wise.  This book is worth spending some contemplative moments with.  Here are a couple of examples to show you what I mean:

Wrinkle Free

My skin's not like it used to be
All soft and smooth and wrinkle free.
It's lined with wrinkles wrought by care
And years and years of wear and tear.

Wrinkles come as each day passes
'Cause we're no longer lads and lasses
Perhaps it's time to look at life
In different ways and reduce strife.

Grandmother said it's best to smile
Though you can't go that extra mile.
She said "Keep yourself from getting down
'Cause you get more wrinkles
when you frown."

Repair Job

Kegels and exercise
Don't do the trick.
So, I'm off to the doctor
To get myself fixed.

A snip and a tug,
A mend of a tear,
My doctor has done it.
She's made a repair!

So tell me a joke
Something funny and rare.
I don't leak anymore
I can laugh without care!

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