Monday, September 6, 2010

Être the Cow by Sean Kenniff

There are two extraordinary things about this little book.  One is the quote from Jane Goodall on the back, which states "Être the Cow is one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read.  Dr. Sean Kenniff describes, in a completely convincing way, the drab, sometimes terrifying world of a modern 'farm' seen through the eyes of a bull.  The characters and their inescapable fate will linger on in my mind for a very long time--probably forever.  Please read it, and send copies to your friends--as shall I." And the other is the review from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, which states "Être the Cow is one of the most important books written in a generation. Être's fight for freedom and dignity is a fight for life itself. Sean Kenniff's Être the Cow depicts a very human struggle—and it's a story I won't soon forget."

Okay.  That was enough to make me want to read the book.  Jane Goodall and Desmond Tutu blurbs on the same book.

As the two introductory pages state...this is a story about a cow...or not.  It's obvious this sweet little book is a satire or parable that will have you chewing its prose like  Être's chewing of cud.  What does it mean to be aware, and yet be caught up in forces that are beyond your control? Aren't people like that? This little book is so intensely thought provoking and emotionally hard hitting you will revel in its beauty.

Make room on your shelf next to Ferdinand (one of my favorites from childhood) ...Être is here.

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